API Performance Monitoring

This Article is just to understand Need of API, API Performance Monitoring.

We like fast and small devices…. of course, I am talking about Mobile,Gadgets

How applications are working on those small device….. Oh yes we are technical so give you brief about this at very high level.

Mobile Development have key areas which actually make it possible.

  1.  Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry environment needed to run it.
  2.  Scripting to show and operate
  3.  BackEnd API who actually give all Data and support as bridge.

Oh, Yes API , I was taking about API monitoring because everything coming using this API only…..


We have to monitor very effectively because of business needs ….

Many Tools available in the market as

  1. ApiMatrics
  2. 3Scale
  3. Apigee
  4. Mulesoft
  5. WSO2

……………………….Many More


Depends on feature you can select as all depends on your architecture and needs.

Will Share some more details about WSO2 Soon………………

WSO2 Provide Separate tools for individual works as

  1. API Manager – WSO2 Publisher
  2. API Store – WSO2 API store for seeing documentation and signature
  3. CORBON – WSO2 ESB – API details
  4. BAM – WSO2 for Business analysis which help in monitoring

Why I recommend WSO2  not only the reason i am a technical person but consider needs of fulfill.

System will work under your controlled environment and have full access to manage it.